day center project

In conjunction with Zoe Institute, T.A.C.H. has opened a Day Center at the rear entrance of 309 South Muskogee.  The Day Center allows us to provide services where we can more adequately meet the needs of members of our community who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

The Center offers public restrooms with showers, a dining area, and a warming center for our clients.

A learning area with access to computers has also been  provided and classes are being presented by area agencies.

Through Zoe Institute, our clients also have the opportunity to work with a case manager to aid them in obtaining necessary documentation that will enable them to better obtain jobs, receive government assistance, and obtain housing.

laundry Project

An agreement has been made with a local
laundromat to provide laundry service to the homeless through a "Laundry Token" system.

 T.A.C.H. will distribute "tokens" to a client who will then be able to present those "tokens" to the laundry employees and be provided with laundry detergent and the use of a washer or dryer for each token presented.

 T.A.C.H. then purchases the "tokens" back from the laundromat to repay them for their service.

The chips are distributed through T.A.C.H. members and interested individuals and may be purchased for $1.50 each.  

Anyone may purchase these tokens and use them to help a displaced person in our community.  Call or email us for more information by using the links at the bottom of this page.

sandwich Project

The purpose of the Tahlequah Sandwich Project is to ensure that persons in our community have the opportunity to eat at least one meal per day.

Individuals, families or groups are asked to make thirty-six sandwiches once per month and leave them at the designated drop spot.  Two of those sandwiches will be added with fresh fruit and a bottle of water and distributed to clients within our community.  At this time, our goal is to have  fifteen of these "sandwich brigades" making sandwiches once per month.

Is this something you and your family, a few friends, or perhaps a Sunday school class or small group would be willing to do 
once per month?  If so, please let us know by calling or emailing us using the links at the bottom of this page.

Let’s put an end to homelessness in our community!